Entertaining the Idea of Inviting Guests Over?

Entertaining the Idea of Inviting Guests Over?

They'll sleep soundly in the spare bedroom Hogies Construction built

Your guests will never want to leave once they've stayed in your new spare bedroom. Hogies Construction can use your ideas to build a room for the people you love.

Adding an additional bedroom allows you to have more time with the people you love most. Our work is backed by our expertise and dependable team of experts, so you can trust us to build you the perfect room.

Interested in comfort for your company? Contact us to get a free estimate on a spare bedroom.

Benefits of having a spare bedroom

When you trust us to help you build a custom spare bedroom, you (and your guests) can rest assured knowing that we took particular care in crafting your new addition. Our focus is on making your life a little easier. A spare room can:
  • Serve as storage
  • Provide home office or closet space
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Make use of the land you own
Think a spare bedroom could be a good addition to your home? Call us to set up a consultation.